Kelp close-up photo by the University of Bergen Intertidal kelp along a Norwegian shore - photo NIVA Underwater photo of an intertidal Cystoseira fringe, photo by XCalsi Underwater photo showing an intertidal Cystoseira fringe - photo by XCalsi Intertidal Kelp on a Norwegian rocky shore - photo NIVA Vil du forske med oss? COASTFRAG logo black and white version

Seaweed beds are essential for us and for nature. However, as human activities and climate change impact the environment, the many benefits we derive from them are also at risk. Project COASTFRAG will study how habitat fragmentation, temperature, water quality, wave exposure and predation affect intertidal seaweed communities across Europe. The project will create models and projections into a changing future, and will increase our knowledge to better protect these essential ecosystems.